Eros and Psyche Angels Figurine

  • August 14, 2020


Eros and Psyche Angels Figurine

Figurine of two angels in matte white porcelain decorated with soft colors, one wearing a garland of flowers and the other is holding his face to give him a kiss.

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Psyche, the soul or consciousness was the wife of Eros, the god of love, in Greek mythology. The artists of Lladró have depicted them as two children whispering secrets to each other. A matte porcelain piece, decorated in soft pastel colours and a headband of delicate flowers.


Finished:  Matte
Height (cm):  28
Width (cm):  43
Length (cm):  27
Porcelain Type:  Matte
Sculptor:  José Luis Santes
Limited Serie:  No

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