Bal Gopal Figurine

  • August 12, 2020


Bal Gopal Figurine

Porcelain figurine of the child Bal Gopal playing the flute as he emerges from a handmade lotus flower.

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Bal Gopal is the divine child, the infant form of Lord Krishna. For Hinduism, Krishna is one of the many incarnations of the god Vishnu, but according to Krishnaism, he is the principal form of God, from which emanate the other gods. In this representation he appears playing the flute while emerging from a lotus flower. In this piece, the delicate matte porcelain lotus flower framing the divine protagonist stands out for the execution, by hand, of each individual petal.


Finished:  Gloss and metallic lustre
Height (cm):  24
Width (cm):  12
Length (cm):  12
Porcelain Type:  Gloss and metallic lustre
Sculptor:  Virginia González
Limited Serie:  No

  • 1897
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