Diana Sculpture

  • June 29, 2023


Diana Sculpture

Porcelain sculpture depicting Diana, the mythical Roman goddess of hunting and the protector of nature and the moon.

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This depiction of the goddess Diana is made in porcelain. In this imposing creation she is shooting with bow and arrow, as she appears in countless classical artworks. It is made in in satin matte porcelain. Worth underscoring in this composition are the many meticulously etched details of her clothing, like the floral motifs on her gown, bracelets and headdress which are all decorated in a wealth of earthy tones, set off by touches of golden luster. The moon that Diana wears around her neck is the symbol of the goddess and is the main motif of Moon jewelry. A bracelet and a pendant made in white porcelain decorated with golden luster and a soft leather cord.


Weight (kg) : 9
Finished : Matte and metallic luster
Height (cm) : 87
Width (cm) : 47
Length (cm) : 19
Sculptor : Ernest Massuet
Limited Serie : No
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