Young Couple with Car Sculpture. Limited Edition

  • December 9, 2020

Young Couple with Car Sculpture. Limited Edition

Limited edition porcelain sculpture of a young couple with an antique car in a green bush.

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The pioneers of motorsport were true artists, creators of innovative machines that were both useful as a means of transport, and admired for their beauty and handmade finish. To our delight, some of those first vehicles are still on the roads today. The beauty of vintage cars has captivated the Lladró artists, too. And today, like those pioneers, the creators of these delicate porcelain recreations assemble each of their pieces, by hand, in the workshops of the City of Porcelain.


Finished: Gloss
Height (cm):  42
Width (cm):  56
Length (cm):  33
Porcelain Type: Gloss
Sculptor: Salvador Debón
Limited Serie: Yes
Limited Serie Units: 1500

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