The Kiss Couple Sculpture

  • October 24, 2020


The Kiss Couple Sculpture

Porcelain sculpture of a representation of the work of the painter Gustav Klimt with great decoration with different ochre enamels


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It is the smaller version of the limited series of the same name (ref. 01001871) but this is an open series with a different decoration. The decoration is more faithful to Klimt’s painting. Thus, the coat of it has been made with enamels to achieve the golden effects typical of the Austrian painter. The whole piece is colorful and full of details. The contrast of the Matte and light bodies with the shine and colors of the clothes and hair stands out. Also available in a promotional gift box.


Height (cm):  33
Width (cm):  31
Length (cm):  17
Porcelain Type: Matte
Sculptor:Antonio Ramos
Limited Serie: No

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