Renovatio Woman Figurine

  • September 8, 2020

Renovatio Woman Figurine

Matte white porcelain figurine of a woman coming out of a garden with ornamentation in the form of branches and leaves with green enamels.


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Life is full of stages. One concludes and a new one is born. Almost without realizing it, we go through many stages in life. When one concludes, a new one is born. Change teaches us to overcome goals that seemed unattainable. The illusion of a new path brings hope to life every day. The ivy that covers the rock, symbol of immortality, reminds us that renewal is the key to enjoying life.


Finished: Matte
Height (cm):  31
Width (cm):  13
Length (cm):  20
Porcelain Type: Matte
Sculptor:Ernest Massuet
Limited Serie: No

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