Ram Darbar Set

  • January 31, 2024


Ram Darbar Set

Set of porcelain creations portraying the characters from Ram Darbar, four gods central to India’s cultural consciousness.

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According to legend, Rama was an incarnation of the god Vishnu, a Hindu prince known for his devotion to truth and justice. An exemplary man who, despite his righteousness, was sent into exile with his wife Sita and his brother Lakshman. During their exile, Sita was kidnapped by the demon king Ravana, upon which Rama set out on an epic quest to rescue her, with the aid of the monkey god Hanuman. The four characters in the epic story are depicted in this composition. Each one is made in matte white porcelain, decorated with touches of golden luster. This combination underscores the masterful ornamentation work and the minute attention to detail which characterizes these pieces. An optional wooden base is available for the set.


Lakshman Sculpture. Golden Luster
Height (cm): 30
Width (cm): 10
Length (cm): 8
Hanuman Sculpture. Golden Luster
Height (cm): 19
Width (cm): 10
Length (cm): 12
Weight : 0.58 kg
Rama Sculpture. Golden Luster
Height (cm): 30
Width (cm): 10
Length (cm): 10
Weight : 0.62 kg
Sita Sculpture. Golden Luster
Height (cm): 29
Width (cm): 8
Length (cm): 8
Weight : 0.52 kg
Ram Darbar base
Height (cm): 2
Width (cm): 40
Length (cm): 25

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