Radha Krishna on a Swing Sculpture. Limited Edition

  • January 31, 2024


Radha Krishna on a Swing Sculpture. Limited Edition

Porcelain sculpture depicting Lord Krishna, one of the most venerated gods in Hinduism, and his beloved Radha in one of the swings from the traditional Jhulan Yatra festival.

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The love between Radha and Krishna has given rise to some wonderful fables and their story is an important part of major Hindu celebrations like Jhulan Yatra, the festival of swings. After the summer heat, when the clouds float high in the sky, the Brajwasi celebrate the arrival of the first rains. With the onset of monsoon season, ponds and lakes fill with rainwater, lotus flowers blossom, the air is scented with a pleasant fragrance and the forests of Vrindavan are decorated with wonderful jhula, like the one on which Radha and Krishna swing in this High Porcelain creation. Following tradition, the swing is finely decorated with many flowers which, like the garland worn by Krishna, have all been handmade one by one, with over 200 petals. The costumes worn by Radha and Krishna signify their spiritual importance and Lladró artists have recreated them in minute detail. From the jewelry, etched by hand and decorated with golden and copper luster, to the embroidery of the fabrics or the decoration applied by hand combining deep rich colors like orange and blue. Radha Krishna on a Swing is a creation that seems to float in the air, suspended over a wood base. In this way, the divine couple rock back and forth forever on their legendary swing, conveying to the world their divine love.


Height (cm): 50
Width (cm): 30
Length (cm): 23
Weight : 4.4 kg
Sculptor : Virginia González
Limited Series of 399 units
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