Petals in The Pond Children Figurine

  • November 18, 2020

Petals in The Pond Children Figurine

Glossy porcelain figurine of two girls playing with the petals of flowers by the fountain of the pond with green bushes.

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Two girls in the park next to the pond fountain, on a sunny day. They play with the petals of the roses to see them float and be pulled by the current. In the background, some bushes trimmed in the shape of cypresses frame the scene. Classic glossy porcelain, in the traditional Lladró colours. Small porcelain flowers in the bushes (rose bushes), and loose petals in the water and in the hands of the girls.


Finished: Gloss
Height (cm):  22
Width (cm):  30
Length (cm):  18
Porcelain Type: Gloss
Sculptor:Javier Molina
Limited Serie: No

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