Medieval Tournament Sculpture. Limited Edition

  • June 29, 2023


Medieval Tournament Sculpture. Limited Edition

Honor and loyalty are the supreme values of medieval knights, the heroes of a fascinating, romantic era that inspired this spectacular High Porcelain limited edition.

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The ornamental wealth of the heraldic emblems of knights and their sumptuous armor are reproduced in minute detail in this elegant piece of glazed porcelain, decorated with dark grey and golden luster, as well as polychrome wood and gold-plated brass elements. A piece that will delight lovers of history, literature and art. Handcrafted in Spain.


Weight (kg) : 46.2
Sculptor : Francisco Polope
Height (cm) : 59
Width (cm) : 106
Length (cm) : 102
Finished : Gloss
Limited Serie Units : 300
Base Included : Yes
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