Lord Balaji Sculpture . Limited Edition

  • July 28, 2022


Lord Balaji Sculpture . Limited Edition

Porcelain sculpture representing one of India#s most venerated gods.

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“Lord Balaji, the god of miracles, is depicted once again by Lladró artists in a limited edition of 2700 units. Its majestic decoration with ocher and golden luster in glazed and matte finishes, and the spectacular ornamental wealth make this creation truly stunning. Lord Balaji, who grants people’s wishes if they are asked for with a pure heart, is depicted is depicted in this matte porcelain creation with the serenity and wealth that characterize him. ”


Finished:  Matte and gold lustre
Height (cm):  48
Width (cm):  21
Length (cm):  16
Porcelain Type:  Matte and gold lustre
Sculptor: Virginia González
Limited Serie:  Yes
Limited Serie Units:  2700
Base Included:  Yes

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