Krishna Butterthief Figurine

  • August 12, 2020


Krishna Butterthief Figurine

Delicately detailed porcelain figurine of the young Krishna with a jar.

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For Hinduism, Krishna is one of the many incarnations of the god Vishnu, but according to Krishnaism, he is the principal form of God, from which emanate the other gods. He himself states: whenever righteousness declines and injustice increases, I appear. This piece is inspired by one of the most popular stories in India in which the young Krishna steals his mother´s freshly made butter. When she makes him open his mouth to see if he is eating, she sees the entire universe between the teeth of the child God. This creation is richly embellished, from the jar of butter to Krishna´s garments, with care taken over even the smallest details.


Finished:  Gloss
Height (cm):  21
Width (cm):  10
Length (cm):  9
Porcelain Type:  Gloss
Sculptor:  Virginia González
Limited Serie:  No

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