Haute Allure Timeless style Sculpture. Limited Edition

  • June 29, 2023


Haute Allure Timeless style Sculpture. Limited Edition

Porcelain sculpture of an elegant lady from the Haute Allure collection.

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Timeless Style is a limited edition of 300 units from the Haute Allure collection, dedicated to classic designs and trends in the history of fashion. Worth underscoring in this sculpture are the leaves, handmade one by one, that cover part of the lady’s dress, and the decoration. The whole piece is painted by hand with a metallic color, mainly in eggplant and orange Jaipur tones. The elaboration of the leaves, their meticulous placement and the application of color one by one, speak of the techniques used by fashion designers like the rightly celebrated Coco Chanel who covered many of her dresses with delicate beads and glass.


Weight (kg) : 2.2
Finished : Matte and metallic luster
Height (cm) : 38
Width (cm) : 14
Length (cm) : 14
Sculptor : José Santaeulalia
Limited Serie : Yes
Limited Serie Units : 300
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