Divine Love Couple Figurine. Limited Edition

  • August 12, 2020


Divine Love Couple Figurine. Limited Edition

Porcelain figurine breathing life into the scene of a couple sitting on the banks of Ganges, with numerous handmade details and gold lustre.

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Fascinated by the Hindu rich iconography, Lladró’s artist bring this romantic scene to life, capturing the moment when a couple sitting by the banks of the river Ganges bid farewell before the young man goes in search of the fortune he needs to marry his love one. As a sign of the riches they will share on his return, the young man offers her his crown, a symbol of love that will keep his memory alive while he is away. Bedecked in traditional Hindu jewelry and costumes, they have been decorated with festive intense colours, like orange and saffron, in contrast with the soft tones of their skin. Enamels were used in the crown and the jewelry to achieve a more realistic effect. We should also underline the garland of flowers worn by the young woman, handmade petal by petal by Lladró’s artists.


Finished:  Gloss
Height (cm):  29
Width (cm):  28
Length (cm):  22
Porcelain Type:  Gloss
Sculptor:  Virginia González
Limited Serie:  Yes
Limited Serie Units:  2000

  • 1890
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