Daisy Woman Bust Vase

  • November 21, 2020

Daisy Woman Bust Vase

Matte porcelain vase with 9 holes for bust decoration such as flowers, dried leaves, spice branches so we can create our own design.
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Daisy is a bust that speaks of the ideal of feminine beauty, and at the same time a new vase concept in which splendid head wear can be created. In the hair are 9 holes, which can be used to decorate the piece with floral motifs, spice branches and dry leaves, creating a headband that allows us to customise our piece and make it unique.


Finished: Matte
Height (cm): 26
Width (cm):  17
Length (cm):  20
Porcelain Type:Matte
Sculptor:Raul Rubio
Limited Serie: No

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