Cinderella’s Arrival Sculpture. Limited Edition

  • August 29, 2020

Cinderella’s Arrival Sculpture. Limited Edition

Limited edition Disney princess sculpture of Cinderella and her carriage, decorated with handmade gloss finish porcelain flowers.

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This piece, one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken by the artists of the City of Porcelain, marks a milestone in the work of Lladró. In a display of artistic and technical virtuosity, even the tiniest detail imagined by Perrault has been recreated: the horses reins are gold-plated while the harnesses are embellished with zircon and the inside of the carriage is profusely decorated. Luxury, magic and dreams all come together in a creation which, measuring 116 cm long, is one of the biggest Lladró pieces yet undertaken.


Finished: Gloss
Height (cm):  65
Width (cm):  116
Length (cm):  49
Porcelain Type: Gloss
Sculptor: Francisco Polope
Limited Serie: Yes
Limited Serie Units:  1500
Base Included:  Yes

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