Arabian Pure Breed Horse Sculpture. Limited Edition

  • June 29, 2023


Arabian Pure Breed Horse Sculpture. Limited Edition

A wonderful specimen of an Arabian pure breed, handcrafted in porcelain. A truly exquisite creation from a sculptural, ornamental and decorative level.

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The Arabian pure breed is considered a “true gem” by horse lovers. Its intelligence, its physical stamina and its exotic beauty make it one of the most highly appreciated breeds. This recreation, handcrafted in matte white porcelain, is notable for the utmost precision in depicting its form and the exact reproduction of the subtle coloring of its coat and the wealth of ornamentation of the saddle.


Weight (kg) : 23.37
Sculptor : Ernest Massuet
Height (cm) : 48.99
Width (cm) : 45.99
Length (cm) : 18
Finished : Gloss
Limited Serie : Yes
Limited Serie Units : 300
Base Included : Yes
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