A Fantasy Breath Angel Figurine

  • August 14, 2020

A Fantasy Breath Angel Figurine

Angel girl figurine in matte white porcelain with soft colors blowing flower petals.

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Imagination flies like a delicate rose petal carried by the wind. In this beautiful piece, it is depicted in the form of an angel with a childlike, feminine form, evoking innocent and pure fantasy, free of all cares. The anatomical perfection of the sculpture and the delicate decoration in matte porcelain, with subtle touches of the softest colours, transform this allegory into a work full of sensitivity and suggestive nuance.


Finished:  Matte
Height (cm):  25
Width (cm):  26
Length (cm):  15
Porcelain Type:  Matte
Sculptor:  Ernest Massuet
Limited Serie:  No

  • 1816
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