Cinderella LLADRÓ THAILAND by Crystal Symphony


Cinderella by Lladro Thailand

1785 Cinderella arrival is one of the biggest and most ambitious works ever undertaken by Lladro.

It took 44 artisans, artists and technicians two years to create this piece,
evoking the scene from the classic childrenís fairytale.

Especially noteworthy in Cinderella arrival is the meticulousness and detail with which it is recreated, especially in the bas-relief ornaments decorating it.

Both the inside and outside of the carriage are decorated with a profusion of fruit and pumpkin leaves, and the stairs are tiled like a miniature of the monument of Alhambra in the city of Granada in Spain.

In a display of technical and artistic virtuosity, it has recreated even the smallest detail imagined by Perrault: the reins of the horses are gold plated and the tacks are embellished with zirconium.

Over 200 molds were required to produce it, and around 150 hours went into assembling it.

Furthermore, the vast dimensions of the piece mean that it needs to be fired in two sections.

Luxury, magic and fantasy come together in a creation which, at 116 cm long, is one of the biggest made to date.

Series: 01001785
Dimensions: 65 x 116 cm
Sculptor: Francisco Polope, Release year 1994, Base included, Limited edition certified, Lladro Assurance included

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