The most famous queen of ancient Egypt, known for her beauty and her powers of seduction, was a learned ruler, greatly loved by her people, and she dedicated her life to re-establishing an empire in a world of men. In her path she came across Julius Caesar, Mark Antony and Octavius, who were fated to play a major role in her life. The first two with bonds of love and the last of the three with her death.

The fascinating life of palace intrigues and struggles for power of a woman now portrayed by Lladró artists in this masterful limited edition in High Porcelain.


This exclusive High Porcelain piece, made in matte porcelain, is a limited edition of 500 units. Worth underscoring is the painstaking ornamentation of the whole sculpture, from the clothing to the throne or the staffs she is holding in her hand. Equally of note is the profuse decoration using notes of glazed and matte gold, combined with a mix of coppery and pearly colors and metallic blue and green effects that give the piece a sense of majesty.


Here, Cleopatra appears as the great queen she was, enhanced by the neme, the characteristic striped blue and gold headcloth worn by the pharaohs. This magnificent matte porcelain work exemplifies the mastery and know-how of Lladró artists.

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