The charm of the design like no others, the round appearance of the high quality stainless steel frame was created only for this chandelier including shades and crystal beads shaped like raindrops.

The stainless steel structure is festooned with plumes in a 12-light or 24-light model. This chandelier provides diffused lighting. Baccarat’s signature single red crystal is suspended at the base.

This chandelier reminds us of the humid rain, a wonderful moment that will provide you with a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. This is the highlight of Plume Chandelier that can not be found anywhere else.


The colors of crystal on Plume may be chosen freely for a completely customized feel, enable you to match your chandelier to the scheme of any interior. The color variety yields manifold decorative possibilities, and the ambiance of an entire room may be swiftly changed to complement any mood and season.

The color includes clear, parma violet, peridot, ruby, steel blue, amber and onyx.


Savinel & Roze Experienced technicians in industrial design, they regard drawing, painting, sculpture, landscaping or entomology as sources of inspiration and as the natural expression of their combined imaginations.
The team created Vega, the company’s best-selling stemware pattern, and now, Plume, a novel and whimsical chandelier concept featuring removable, multi-colored crystal pendants that redefines the archetype of the brand’s classic crystal chandelier.


The chandelier available in 2 sizes, 12 lights and 24 lights.


Height: 33 1/8 " - 84 cm
Width: 27 1/8 " - 69 cm
Weight: 10,8 Lbs - 4,9 kg
Crystal pendants: 25
Light bulb: G4 10 Watt
**The color of pendants are changeable**


Height: 39 " - 99 cm
Width: 34 1/4 " - 87 cm
Weight: 14,55 Lbs - 6,6 kg
Crystal Pendants: 49
Light bulb: G4 10 Watt
**The color of pendants are changeable**

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