The Guest by Supakitch Figurine. Small model. Numbered edition

  • June 29, 2022

The Guest by Supakitch Figurine. Small model. Numbered edition

The small version of The Guest is the contribution by the renowned designer Supakitch to the project which invites leading artists from around the world to personalize this special character.

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Guillaume Grando aka Supakitch is the artist behind this new versions of The Guest. Supakitch started out as a graffiti artist in the nineties and, since then, the fluidity called for by graffiti has been instrumental in shaping the sinuous brushstroke of his work. His creative projects focus on gesture, movement, liquid material, color and the reflections of light. Elements masterfully rendered in the new versions of The Guest he has created for Lladró. Porcelain and, particularly, the use of faded pearly lusters have proven ideal for reproducing this same watery effect in which the reflection of light conveys a sense of movement and depth. The end result is reinforced by the volume of the waves covering the surface of the piece.

Sculptor: Raul Rubio
Height (cm): 30
Width (cm):  11
Length (cm): 11
Limited Serie: No
Base Included: Yes

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