Lord Balaji Sculpture. Limited Edition

  • June 29, 2023

Lord Balaji Sculpture. Limited Edition

Sculpture of the Hindu deity Lord Balaji with a combination of matte porcelain and gloss with enamels and perfectly ornate with bright colors and different finishes of gold and silver luster.

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Balaji is a limited edition of 299 units. Under the name of High Porcelain, Lladró brings together a collection of exclusive creations that constitute the true essence of his art. Made by the sculptor Virginia González, this piece is a sample of the technical skill and mastery achieved by the artists of the brand. This representation of Balaji or Lord Venkateshwara, one of the most revered deities from India, stands out for its majestic and exuberant decoration, luxuriously covered by a myriad of porcelain flowers. Its ornamental richness is at the level of the powerful Balaji, which fulfills the wishes of its faithful if they are asked with a true heart and a strong determination. A combination of matt and glossy porcelain with enamels and different finishes of luster, gold, platinum and metallic tones has been used to finish this majestic creation. But what really stands out is the dazzling floral decoration, made up of a total of 1,866 flowers that form the side columns and the different garlands that the god wears. An impressive work carried out petal by petal by the masters of Lladró.


Weight (kg) : 27
Sculptor : Virginia González
Height (cm) : 67
Width (cm) : 45
Length (cm) : 36
Finished : Matte, gloss, gold and platinum luster
Limited Serie : Yes
Limited Serie Units : 299
Base Included : YesIn
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