Ladies from Aranjuez Vase. Limited Edition

  • March 27, 2021

Ladies from Aranjuez Vase. Limited Edition

Limited edition vase of the Ladies of Aranjuez with umbrellas and handmade flowers in gloss finish porcelain.

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The splendour of the old Spanish court has inspired this limited edition, in which artists of the Lladró High Porcelain workshop demonstrate their mastery of relief with a complex and exquisitely decorated composition on various planes. Rendering elegant ladies in bucolic gardens is an element of an ancient artistic tradition, with its most prominent moments during Rococo and Romanticism. In this creation, Lladró reinterprets this classic theme and elevates it to the category of High Porcelain with a piece that stands out for its masterly treatment of depth, and its sophistication and delicate treatment of the floral embellishment enveloping this vase of over 60 centimetres in height.


Finished: Gloss
Height (cm):  62
Width (cm):  28
Length (cm):  25
Porcelain Type: Gloss
Sculptor: Miguel Angel Santaeulalia
Limited Serie: Yes
Limited Serie Units: 1000
Base Included: Yes

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