• March 16, 2022


This Baccarat Clear crystal eagle is a proud creature that showcases exemplary craftsmanship.

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Jan Tésar designed this remarkable figurine for Baccarat, honoring the revered bird of prey in all its stunning form. Perched on a rock, the eagle’s stance is commanding: its mighty wings wide open, beak pointed, gaze fixed on some unknown target. The Imperator eagle is crafted using a complicated process that involves a plaster mold, a clay mold, special ovens, and meticulous craftsmanship. The resulting contours are smooth and polished. The Imperator eagle is available in two sizes, as well as in the American eagle design, which has more detailing that yields a dappled effect in the light. The eagle figurine is perfect gift for at all animal lovers and people with a powerful presence.


Ref: 2607782
Height : 30 cm
Weight : 4 kg
Designer : JAN TESAR

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