Goddess Saraswati Figurine

  • July 14, 2021

Goddess Saraswati Figurine

The story goes that Saraswati was so beautiful that her husband Brahma had four heads so that he could see her from any direction. Lladró artists, absolute masters in the control of porcelain, have captured her beauty with the excellence, precision and refinement called for by all Hindu gods.

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“Saraswati symbolizes learning, truth, education, culture and the arts. She tells us that knowledge is the path towards freedom. This message is further reinforced by her iconography. The four arms represent the states of the mind, while the objects she is carrying in her hands—the necklace of beads, the book and the instrument—speak of the power of meditation, learning and music. Dressed in a white sari, a symbol of her purity, she is ornamented in soft red, brown and blue tones. Covered with a subtle layer of varnish, this spectrum of colors lends the piece a sense of serenity and magnetism. The symbolism and the profound spirituality of this goddess are perfectly rendered in this new creation, crafted entirely by hand in the Lladró workshops. ”


Finished: Gloss and Matte
Height (cm):  26
Width (cm):  18
Length (cm):  15
Porcelain Type: Gloss and Matte
Sculptor: Virginia González
Limited Serie: No

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