Elephant Sculpture. Black matte

  • July 29, 2022

Elephant Sculpture. Black matte

Matte black porcelain creation inspired by an African elephant from the Origami collection.

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“This striking African elephant is the latest addition to the Origami collection. When it is depicted with its trunk pointed upwards, this animal symbolizes good luck, prosperity and triumph. Like the rest of the pieces in this collection, it is a contemporary innovative reinterpretation of the traditional Japanese art of origami, in which the geometric forms produced by folding paper are transformed into powerful sculptural and decorative facets. It is made in matte porcelain decorated in black with touches of yellow in the eyes. ”


Finished: Matte
Height (cm):  43
Width (cm):  52
Length (cm):  20
Porcelain Type: Matte
Sculptor: José Luis Santes
Limited Serie: No

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