Darth Vader™ Sculpture. Golden. Limited Edition

  • January 31, 2024

Darth Vader™ Sculpture. Golden. Limited Edition

Porcelain creation inspired by Darth Vader, the most iconic character from the Star Wars saga.

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The maximum exponent of the dark side of the force, Darth Vader™ is recreated in a magnetic golden finish. A version with just 70 units for the whole world, as a homage to the brand’s 70th anniversary. Handcrafted and decorated in a bright golden color with matte touches, this fearful Lord Sith is an example of the diversity the brand has achieved over its seven decades revolutionizing the world of porcelain. Thanks to the minute etching and a design full of strength and movement, this limited edition will be an absolute must-have for lovers of Star Wars characters. An ancestral tradition taken to a whole new creative dimension with the Star Wars universe.


Limited Series of 70 units
Height (cm): 47
Width (cm): 50
Length (cm): 35
Weight : 8.2 kg
Finished : Gloss and gold luster
Sculptor : Eva Maria Cuerva
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