• December 22, 2023


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Spirit Vase. The Spirit vase is crafted using the same techniques that are used to make Baccarat’s multifaceted and exquisite Eye vase and Wave vase. The intricacy of the pattern, etched from the interior of the vase outward, creates a raised and sharply geometrical surface. As a result of this incredible three-dimensional depth of form, the exterior beautifully refracts the light. The vase’s zigzagged edge is the finishing touch, trimming the vase’s symmetry with an appealing spikiness. The overall form, which gradually sprouts outward, resembles a sparkling badminton shuttlecock. The thick base and broad open neck make the vase an ideal form for large bouquets.


Ref : 2106522
HEIGHT : 24 cm
WEIGHT : 5.3 Kg
COLOR : Clear
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