Solstice Comete BACCARAT THAILAND by Crystal Symphony

Solstice Comete

The Solstice Comete chandelier is a modern, LED-outfitted reinterpretation of the Solstice chandelier. This piece melds Baccarat’s long-standing traditional design with contemporary cutting-edge technology. The LED lights seem to radiate incandescent luminescence out of the chandelier’s 18 crystal branches.

The LED lights are installed directly into the crystal, which magnificently enhances the sparkle and the refractions of light. The chandelier may be fitted with a dimmer, enabling a range of light intensity from soft to bright. Baccarat’s signature red octagonal crystal hangs discreetly amongst the draped layers of luminous clear crystal ornaments. The LED lights not only emphasize the beauty of the structure but also lower the consumption of electricity and do not produce heat.

Designer: Baccarat
Height : 175 cm.
Length : 98 cm.
Weight : 40 kg.