Solistice Chandelier Baccarat Thailand by Crystal Symphony .

Solistice Chandelier

Solstice 18 Lights by Baccarat Thailand
Solstice by Baccarat Thailand

He bellcaps at the ends of the branches imbue a graceful weightlessness.
The number of lights ranges widely, from 6 to 48.

Regardless of density, each chandelier is composed of hollow branches crafted from blown cabled crystal, resplendently showcasing Baccaratís masterful craftsmanship.
The wealth of decoration is all cut in a diamond-point design.

Amongst the spiked prisms, Baccarat signatureís red octagonal crystal hangs discreetly.

Though crafted in the classical tradition, the downward-curving crystal branches are absolutely unique to the Solstice chandelier.

Designer: Baccarat