Degustation Cognac Glass BACCARAT THAILAND by Crystal Symphony

Degustation Cognac Glass

Disgustation Cognac Glass by Baccarat Thailand

In the same storied fashion, the Perfection cognac glass is expertly crafted by the most respected artisans of the mÈtier, the modern Pygmalions with supreme mastery of Baccaratís flawless Clear crystal.

Cognac has strict production standards and a tradition of excellence, not unlike Baccarat crystal.

The Perfection cognac glass has a short stem and a wide balloon-like bowl.

The bowlís large surface area enables scents and notes to be released, thus maximizing the flavor of the cognac.

A proper glass is essential for savoring the nuances of this luxurious drink.

The Perfection stemware collection extends to champagne flutes, tumblers, and a square whiskey decanter.