Bacchante on a panther LLADRÓ THAILAND by Crystal Symphony

Bacchante on a panther

Bacchante on a panther by Lladro Thailand

To create this sculpture, Lladro artists have drawn their inspiration from the bacchantes from Greek mythology.

A symbol of womenís power, the combination of sensuousness and strength evoked by this figure is accentuated by the decorative wealth of Lladroís High Porcelain.

Though the bacchantes from Ancient Greece were widely depicted by Renaissance and Baroque painters of the stature of Titian, Michelangelo and Rubens,
the bacchante in this work is closer in temperament to the one depicted by the artist William Adolphe Bouguerean in his work Bacchante on a panther ( I855).

The mysticism of the piece and the rich colors of her long ?owing robe remind us of the woman painted by the French artist.

However, this Lladro work includes some differentiating elements and a particular
mention is deserved for the bacchanteís gestures, accentuated by her half-naked, very pale-skinned body.

The clarity of color contrasts with the profusion of decorative details and dark glazes of her long skirt and, especially of the panther she is riding on.

In this regard, one might say that the bacchante irradiates light, whilst the feline represents energy and ferocity.

A worthy successor of Bacchante with felineóa limited edition discontinued in 2007 this sculpture takes the qualities of Lladro High Porcelain to their utmost expression.

The harmonious combination of matte porcelain with the painstaking technique of glazes, hand painted by a team of truly accomplished Lladro artists, creates a profusion of ?nishes.

These are very dense glazes, with textures projecting from the surface of the piece.

They are so astutely combined that, despite being absolutely matte, they achieve the characteristic bright effect of varnishes.

However, the complexity involved involved in painting Bacchante on a
panther goes beyond the wide variety of colours, the combination of background or textures are also affects the technical aspect of the creation.

Before assembling all the parts of the piece, the abdomen of the feline has to be
painted as the piece cannot be turned over. This is an additional complication,
making the process of creation of this piece even more intricate.

The only elements which are not made of porcelain are the reins.

Attached to the armor, they comprise three parts: one is joined to the armor and made of porcelain, another is the golden chain used for linking the porcelain and the braided silk string, and lastly the braided silk string itself which is at the end of the reins.

Finally, an important element of the piece worth underscoring is the base, specifically created to enhance the figurine.

ARTICLES : 01001949
DIMENSION : 56×78 cm

Sculptor: Francisco Polope, Release year 2011, Base included,
Limited edition certified, Lladro Assurance included