Arabian pure breed horse LLADRÓ THAILAND by Crystal Symphony

Arabian pure breed horse

Arabian pure breed horse by Lladro Thailand

Horse lovers consider the Arabian purebred to be an authentic treasure.

Their intelligence, physical resistance and, very especially, their excotic beauty make these horses so widely appreciated, and they can count some of the greatest fortunes in history among their admirers.

In short, the Arabian purebred may well be the world’s most beautiful and highly valued horse.

The artists at the LIadro High Porcelain workshop have faithfully reproduced the beauty and elegance of this horse, adding a further note of exclusiveness with the black colour.

A completely black Arabian purebred is particularly highly prized among connoisseurs.

Artistically speaking, achieving a satin black finish that enables us to admire each muscle of this animal and applying it uniformly was a major challenge.

The texture brings out the musculature of the Arabian purebred with incredible authenticity.

In addition, the black enamels on the tail and mane intensify the shine of its coat.

Another of the most striking features of this horse is its face, reproduced here with careful attention to detail: the prominent eyes with their haughty gaze, the narrow muzzle with large nostrils, the gracefully arched neck and the concave profile of forehead and nose, one of this horse’s most highly appreciated features. Further details, Iike the sparkle in its eyes, help to underscore the animal’s great expressiveness.

With its Egyptian inspiration and an ornamentation borrowed from royal houses,
the saddle is in itself a true gem. Worth underlining in the decoration is the use of red, whose finish is reminiscent of leather, and the combination of golden and platinum lusters, alternating gloss and matte finishes to create spectacular damask effects.

The whole saddle is hand-painted with precision, detail by detail, as are the bit, bridles, reins and the rest of the accessories that enhance the beauty of this piece.
The reins, the only non-porcelain element are made in brown leather.

Technically speaking, the volume of the piece makes it unique: the bone density of the Arabian purebred legs is twice that of other horses, which explains why they are so slender. Translating this feature into porcelain entails enormous complexity,
given that during the firing in the kiln the weight of the body could prove too heavy.

The base also decorated with enamels, adds the finishing touch to a piece worthy of the most demanding collectors.

ARTICLE No : 01001919
Dimensions: 49x46cm
Sculptor: Ernest Massuet, Release year 2014, Base included,
Limited edition certified, Lladro Assurance included