By Crystal Symphony

BACCARAT is a brand of high-class crystal glassware of France that has been inherited for centuries. It was established in 1764 by a priest of Metz named Louis-Joseph de Laval-Montmorency under the support of King Louis XV. Consequently, BACCARAT factory was able to be safe from 3 wars and 4 intrusions. All French kings and emperors from 1815 as well as all Presidents of French Republic have realized on the importance of BACCARAT Factory as the production source of crystal glassware for foreign royal households and provinces for several years.

The outstanding property of BACCARAT that is incomparable for other brands is purity and brightness of its crystal glass. Moreover, BACCARAT is also consisted of all excellent properties of crystal glass including sharp angles, fine and luxurious cutting patterns, uniqueness, and brilliance. These splendid properties have been inherited by seniors of the families of glass craftsmen, sculptors, goldsmiths, and technicians to their offspring from generation to generation. Finally, this inheritance has become the internal cycle of BACCARAT Factory that is compared as the great kingdom of high-class crystal glassware. The evidences of excellence of BACCARAT are consisted of 6 gold medals, 1 silver medal, 7 bronze medals, 15 diplomas, and 9 Grand Prixes. Moreover, BACCARAT also participated in three national exhibitions as well as received Premiere Grand Prix from National Design Contest in 1972, Neiman Marcus Award from U.S.A. in 1979, Chillver Teritage Plus from the President of France and Louvre Museum in 1980, and Table Top Award in 1986 at Dallas. Currently, BACCARAT has already expanded its branches to cover 5 continents throughout the world as well as some sub-branches in New York, Tokyo, Osaka, and Hong Kong plus with 3 museums in France.


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