Inspired by the first monumental chandeliers created by Baccarat’s Manufacture in the 19th century, the Zénith collection is at the heart of Baccarat’s history and present day. An exclusive creative gesture, unique know-how, specific aesthetic codes (octagon, beveled diamond, degree prisms, bamboo twist, etc.) are all keys to the sparkling world of Zenith.

Modernizing the traditional Zenith line, Philippe Stark uses black crystal to reinterpret a Baccarat icon.

Charleston collection is inspired by the twenties’ age of splendor and prosperity.

The iconic Baccarat chandelier par excellence, the Zenith collection showcases the meticulous finery of Baccarat’s craftsmanship.

A world that for 150 years has illuminated palaces, official residences, theaters, but also places of eclectic collectors or daring artists. A true jewel of space, which sculpts light and draws it into a poetic choreography.

Admired Worldwide, the Zenith has been illuminating exceptional palaces and homes since it was first created. Timeless and fascinating, the chandelier has been…