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Crystal Symphony was founded more than 30 years as importers for Crystal Chandeliers and furniture with global brands such as Lladro from Spain, Baccarat from France, where we are the sole distributor in the country and also affordable home décor product for use such as Crystal Lamps, Chandeliers, ceiling lights, table lamps, wall lamps. We provide product that fits every lifestyle, Luxury Gifts and Crystalware/Glassware. Price ranging from several thousand up to millions to accommodate all your needs, all our product is imported from Germany, Italy and Czech Republic thus insuring the quality of our product.

All our customers have confident in our after sales services and installations which includes cleaning and maintaining of the product this is done by a team of experts who have been doing it for over 10 years. We aim to please our customer as we want our customers to experiences the luxury precious.

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BACCARAT is a brand of high-class crystal glassware of France

The outstanding property of BACCARAT that is incomparable for other brands is purity and brightness of its crystal glass. Moreover, BACCARAT is also consisted of all excellent properties of crystal glass including sharp angles, fine and luxurious cutting patterns, uniqueness, and brilliance. These splendid properties have been inherited by seniors of the families of glass craftsmen, sculptors, goldsmiths, and technicians to their offspring from generation to generation.


The procedures of LLADRO’s quality product creation are full of delicacy and particularity without ignorance to the smallest detail.

LLADRO has also created several collections of sculpture under the designs and stories from various sources. These collections are the pride of LLADRO because they are very popular among collectors throughout the world. Moreover, the copyright mark, consisted of the symbols of flowers, LLADRO name, place of production and year of production, is stamped on all products in order to build confidence and pride for possessing the world’s quality products to all persons who decide to be the owners of “LLADRO Porcelain” products.

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